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CD 2: Standing at the Door (2012)

CD 2: Standing at the Door (2012)


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The Bible says that we are born under sin, and as such, we are enemies of God. While the work of the Gospel begins with this horrible conviction of sin, it offers tremendous promises to everyone who approaches their Creator in faith, confession, repentance, and a commitment to obey Jesus Christ.


This collection of songs highlights the Gospel from different perspectives, and proclaims the hope of eternal life for all who are faithful to Christ’s teachings until the end.


    1. I Am Adopted
    2. Near the Cross
    3. Standing at the Door
    4. Love Was in the Room
    5. He's Still Waiting by the Well
    6. The Way
    7. It Is Finished
    8. Why the Night
    9. A Place in the Valley
    10. We've Overcome
    11. Light up the Sky
    12. Hold on a Little Longer


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